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Is it possible to correct or cancel an order ?

I placed an order but the thickness is incorrect, is it possible to correct it ? or cancel to place a new order ?

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replace gerber files

I need to replace my gerber production files on a current order. whre is the replace button mentioned in the email i recei......

1 Reply Asked by 28*******1A
Is it possible to use parts supplied by customer?

Hi, We have our own parts in stock, is it possible to send these to JLC for use in PCB assembly?

1 Reply Asked by 56*******8A
Milling and breakaway with mouse-bites on panel

I am currently designing a 4 column, 2 row panel. I have 2 questions: - For breakaway with mouse-bites what is your recomm......

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wintog owner

what the topical shipping cost for a 1000 PCB

1 Reply Asked by 49*******4A
drill file offset error

My gerber file in the shopping cart looks ok with many various gerber viewers but not yours. The drill file has wierd offs......

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WLCSP-25(2.59x2.59) routing (WLCSP-25(2.59x2.59) C1851939

I'm trying to route WLCSP-25(2.59x2.59) routing (WLCSP-25(2.59x2.59) C1851939 in a four layer board. Capabilities pages sa......

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Uploaded file seems to be not processed correctly

Dear all, I have uploaded a Gerber-File. The website tells me that the upload was sucessful. Yet, I am asked to enter the ......

1 Reply Asked by 55*******8A
Minimum Silkscreen text size?

If my text parameters are Width: 0.4mm Height: 0.4mm Thickness: 0.04mm Will this text be legible under the magnifying glas......

1 Reply Asked by 38*******2A
BGA routing

I would like to design a PCB with BGA footprint who complain to your rules (>0.127mm). Still, I can't run traces between t......

1 Reply Asked by 23*******9A
BGA-Pad clearance

How big is the required clearance between a BGA landing pad and a trace? And how big would it be with a via in pad? Thank ......

1 Reply Asked by 35*******8A
XDFN-4 support on economic PCB ?

I want to use the the LDO NCP167BMX330TBG with the packaging XDFN-4-EP. This footprint seems to need other clearance setti......

1 Reply Asked by 42*******0A

Hello. I am designing a new project, in which I implement the use of via-in-pad. I could not find the parameters needed fo......

1 Reply Asked by 35*******1A
Slot dimensions and orientation

Hello, 1. What are the permissable minimum and maximum dimensions for a slot? 2. Are there any restrictions on a slot's or......

1 Reply Asked by 24*******6A
Missing 2D3D models in Components Place step during ordering PCBA

When ordering, in the Components Place step, the 2D/3D rendering is not showing some parts but some squares consisting of ......

1 Reply Asked by 54*******9A
Image are not seem

Dears, I can't see the image of Order #: P9-2527207A on my order details!

1 Reply Asked by 25*******7A
About "customer ID" shipping method

Dear Sir, We kindly ask you to inform us about the use of "customer ID" as the shipping method. How can we get "Customer I......

1 Reply Asked by 37*******3A
Flexible PCBs

Does JLCPCB have plans to support flexible PCBs in the near future?

1 Reply Asked by 35*******3A
What is the smallest via you can do

What is the minimum via hole and ring diameter you can do?

1 Reply Asked by 23*******9E
Pads for wire bonding

Is there a option to order PCB-Boards with wire bondable surfaces?

1 Reply Asked by 54*******9A
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